Teachers and Librarians

I’m a former teacher-librarian and I’m married to an English teacher, so I truly believe in supporting teachers and librarians in any way that I can. Whether through school visits, Skype sessions, personalized book plates, author Q&A’s, or anything else you can think of, I’m excited to help you and your students. If you are a teacher or librarian and have any ideas or requests for what kind of resources you’d like to see me offer, please contact me and let me know!

“The Honest Truth” Discussion/Teaching Guide!  Click below to download the Common Core – aligned Discussion Guide. A big thanks to the good folks at Scholastic for putting this together! Click here: Honest Truth Discussion Guide

Behind the Scenes Videos with the Author!   Have you, your class, or your students read The Honest Truth? Did you have any questions about the story, where the ideas came from, or the setting? I’ve made a number of videos that I shot “on location” from several of the places where the story happens, giving some behind-the-scenes background on my writing process and the story itself. They’re up on youTube, or you can watch them all right here: