Meet Dan Gemeinhart

meetdanDan Gemeinhart lives in a small town smack dab in the middle of Washington state with his wife and three young daughters. He was lucky and grateful to be a teacher-librarian in an elementary school for fourteen years, where he got to share awesome books with awesome kids. He loves camping, cooking and traveling. He also plays guitar (badly) and reads (constantly). His house is always a mess. He is really pretty darn happy.

The longer version (just in case you’re interested):

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany – but just because my dad was in the Army. My family moved A LOT when I was growing up, so I went to a different school almost every year until I was in middle school. This was tough, but it also gave me a lot of interesting experiences and probably ended up making me a stronger, more confident person. I finished high school in Kennewick, Washington, where I met this girl named Karen. I had a pretty big crush on her. Luckily for me, the crush was eventually mutual. Then I went off to college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where I studied history and how to be a teacher. When I graduated, I married that girl named Karen (and we’re still married today). We taught for awhile in Cairo, Egypt, where we rode camels and climbed the pyramids (before being chased off by scary guys with machine guns). After Egypt, we moved to Wenatchee, Washington, where I got a dream job as a librarian. My wife is a high school English teacher in nearby Cashmere, where we live. My three daughters are a constant source of laughter and sleepiness. I wrote for TEN YEARS before finally getting my first book published, but it was totally worth all the work and all the waiting. I don’t believe in giving up and don’t think that you should, either.
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